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Shareholder Proposal for Sanyo Shokai

 実はこの度、投資先の一社の株式会社三陽商会に対し、平成31年1月28日付で平成31年3月28日開催予定の株主総会において株主提案をさせていただきましたのでその趣旨につきご理解賜りたく、HPの場を通じ、三陽商会の皆さまのみならず、顧客及び投資先、そして懇意にさせていただいている皆さまにご報告をさせていただきます。/ We have submitted a shareholder proposal to one of our portfolio companies, Sanyo Shokai, on January 28th 2019 for the Annual General Meeting scheduled on March 28th 2019 and we would like to inform our clients, other investee companies and fellow shareholders our intention for the proposal as Proxy statement has now been dispatched by the company. below is the explanation. We cordially seek for your understanding and support.
Shareholder Proposal for Sanyo Shokai

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