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01/Sep/2023 – Yuya Shimizu appointed as an external adviser to IG Port, Inc.

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We are pleased to announce that Yuya Shimizu, Representative Director and CIO of Hibiki Path Advisors (“we”), has been appointed as an external adviser to IG Port (3791, “the Company”), one of our major investments (attached – Japanese only) as of 1st September 2023.

During our relationship with IG Port over the past several years as a supportive and engaged shareholder, we have always exchanged sincere opinions to enhance the corporate value to its maximum. Today, we would like to take that relationship to the next level and offer our advice on how to build a strong governance structure and on its IP-oriented growth strategy, as well as how to interact with the capital markets.

IG Port, Inc. Announcement of the appointment of an external adviser (Japanese Only)

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